Saturday, June 20, 2009

Workshop: I-Pods and I-Tunes in Education

June 23, 2009

One hour workshop introducing I-Pods and I-Tunes in Education

Friday, June 19, 2009

Prepping the Tools

Joyce, Louise and Lucie met with Lucie to prep the tools we will need for the June 23rd workshop, Introducing I-Pods and Flip Video Camera.

FLIP Video Camera Preparation Work:

1. Plug your FLIP camera into the computers USB port.
2. Charge your FLIP video camera by keeping it plugged in and keeping your computer awake.

To Do: Review how to keep computer from hibernating so the camera can charge.

3. Find the hardware window pops up. Choose Use Flip Video
On a new computer, let the computer and Flip Camera connect and finish setting.

4. Click on HELP / then HELP TOPICS and explore this resource.

5. Remove your FLIP Video from the computer by
Closing out all windows.
SAFELY Remove Hardware Process

6. To Record
RED Record Button.
First time: Set Date/Time: Follow Directions on Screen.

7. Plug your Camera back into your computer

To Do: Investigate Speakers: Need a product number for speakers that are battery operated and use earphone jack. Get a speaker that can be plugged into for classroom size projects.

To Do: Investigate volume issues on Flip Cameras.

I Pod Nano Prep Work

1. Plug in and charge

To Do: Investigate Wall Chargers for IPOD.
Investigate the iHOME type speaker set that charge AND amplify sound
Also look into RCA to miniplug adapter so the same speakers can be used for Flip Camera
Check to see if the portable DVD player has RCA inputs

To Do -- Review:
How to change Power settings.
Keeping your computer updated and safe
What do do when you get a "Click Here to run Active X"

2. Install ITunes
uncheck the spam boxes
you can enter a fake email address
RUN or Save (RUN)
Run (again)

Use Itunes as default player
Automatically updat Itunes and other aple Software?

Register IPOD using Name Ipod FCMEP Black
Do not automacitaclly sync Anything (uncheck)

To Do: Certificate of Completion for Training

Note: Lucie Keeping Flip Camera and Blue Ipod and Computer to finish preparing for training.


This will be a place to document our work with Franklin County Migrant Education.